Noah and the Peacock - Safeguarding information

Despite taking place online, the ‘front of house’ experience around performances of Noah and the Peacock will be conducted as close to our usual, in-person performances as much as possible and we will have a team on hand to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

We are taking the following precautions to ensure the safety of all audiences joining us online for the production.

1. Clear instructions around using Zoom functionality will be sent to audience members at least two days before their chosen performance, or as soon as possible after booking if the booking is made less than two days in advance.

2. All audience members will enter a waiting room upon logging into Zoom. They will then be registered before the show begins, and only those with a booking will be admitted to the performance.

3. Audience members are asked to include their surname in their Zoom name in order to allow for admittance to the show, but are invited to anonymise themselves by removing their forename and/or adding an animal to their name.

4. There will be a dedicated observer watching all performances of Noah and the Peacock. The observer will be a member of Nottingham Playhouse staff and will be on the call solely to observe the performance, undertaking no other tasks for the duration of the call. Any audience members displaying inappropriate content or behaviour will be immediately ejected from the performance. They will not be allowed to log back in and will not be entitled to a refund.

5. A parent/guardian must be present and actively watching the performance at all times.

6. Audience members will only be able to use the chat function to speak with the production team (the meeting host), and will not be able to contact other audience members.

7. No filming or photography will be taking place, and is strictly prohibited.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email