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Neat Studio

Friday 27 May: Workshop: 2pm - 5pm, Performance: 6pm

Neville Studio - Tickets: FREE, reserve in advance.


Writers Workshop: 2pm – 5pm

This is a unique opportunity for playwrights of all backgrounds and levels of experience to come together to discuss shared challenges, opportunities and differences of approaches to creating plays across Europe. The workshop is led by Company of Angels’ Artistic Director, Teresa Ariosto and Scandinavian writers Henrik Szklany (Denmark) and Kristofer Grønskag (Norway), whose plays are being presented as part of the festival.

This will be an open discussion to share your experiences with fellow writers. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions of the two experienced Scandinavian writers.

To book a place on the workshop please call Box Office on 0115 941 9419.

Rehearsed Reading: 6pm

As part of the neat16 festival, Company of Angels is proud to be championing some of the excellent new work coming from Scandinavia. Join us for two exciting rehearsed readings, and post-show discussion with the creative team. If writing is your thing, then why not join us for the whole day to gain exclusive access to visiting European writers and the expertise of Teresa Ariosto and share your passion and experiences with fellow artists.
Company of Angels produces challenging contemporary theatre for young audiences and aims to empower, inspire and support the next generation of audiences and artists. Alongside its Theatre Café programme it runs the European Writer’s Lab and the Theatre Café website hosts an extensive online resource of European plays.

839 Days by Henrik Szklany

How could it happen? For 839 days two Danish sailors were kept hostage by Somalian pirates. Their story travelled the world faster than the aid, and two years of torture passed before their release in 2013. But a story always has two sides. How do people live without laws? What drives them to desperation? In 839 the pirates’ voices are blended with the waves and try to shed a new light on the people behind the labels. Pirate. Terrorist. Empathy travels across culture and age in Henrik Szklany’s poetical portrayal of modern piracy and asks how these things really happen.

KINDER K by Kristofer Grønskag

In 1939 a couple asked the Nazi regime for help with killing their own child. Born with severe disability Gerhard Herbert Kretschmar was the first in Hitler’s “Action T4”, the Nazi euthanasia’s “mercy killings” that would eradicate thousands of disabled. Today HE and SHE are expecting their first child. But the tests don’t look right. They have a choice, they can end it before it’s too late, but is a ‘sorting society’ any different from T4?
Kinder K is about human worth and the ethical dilemmas of society today. Is the prospect of a sorting society something that we should welcome or condemn?

NEAT Studio events are FREE! Tickets must be reserved in advance. To book any of these events please call the Box Office on 0115 941 9419.

This event is part of neat16.

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