A Day for Calais

NEAT Studio

Saturday 28 May: Workshops: 12pm - 7pm, Performance: 7:30pm

Neville Studio - Tickets: FREE, reserve in advance.


Workshops: 12pm – 7pm

Hundreds of thousands of people have fled the Middle East and Africa, risking their lives to find safety. Many of them have ended up just a few hundred miles from us, in ‘the Jungle’ in Calais – a bleak and miserable place that has become a temporary home for thousands of women, men and children. In that desperation however, there is hope and art and creativity. And the Good Chance theatre is at the centre of that – a beacon of that hope, where people can join together, create and feel human.

Come to the Studio to spend a day thinking about the refugees and creating an anthem made in solidarity with those in Calais, through workshops in singing and lyric writing.

Led by Ariadne directors Susannah Tresilian and Frédérique Lecomte, with Gemma Bass and Gary Farr of the Vonnegut Collective. The final anthem will be performed via Skype to the refugees in Calais. Come and join us, no previous musical experience necessary, just enthusiasm!

To book a place on the workshop please call Box Office on 0115 941 9419.

Evening Performance: 7:30pm

A performance in solidarity with refugees in Calais, which includes the anthem created by workshop participants during the day and a new commission, DeadEnd/Safe Haven?, from Vonnegut Collective by Craig Farr on the theme of ‘world without borders’. Everyone is welcome to attend the evening performance.

NEAT Studio events are FREE! Tickets must be reserved in advance. To book any of these events please call the Box Office on 0115 941 9419.

Meet The Team

Frédérique Lecomte: theatre maker and Artistic Director of Théâtre et Reconciliation, a theatre company making work in Burundi and Congo.

Vonnegut Collective: The Vonnegut Collective is an open-form chamber ensemble making new music relevant and accessible through improvisation and innovative collaborations.

Susannah Tresilian: theatre director and Founder of Ariadne, working with women who make theatre to inspire political and social change.

Hear a podcast made about Susannah’s journey to the Calais Jungle with Good Chance Theatre for The Guardian.

Good Chance Theatre: a safe, warm and welcome space for people to express themselves and their situations in the Jungle in Calais.

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