Lost in Austen? Why Jane Austen (still) matters today

Pre-Show Talk

Friday 15 September at 6:30pm

Ustinov Room - Tickets: FREE (reserve in advance)


Lost in Austen? Why Jane Austen (still) matters today

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Jane Austen remains one of the most celebrated writers in English literature. Yet how has the small body of work by one Regency woman endured into the modern era? What makes contemporary writers want to continuously revisit Austen’s novels? Pride and Prejudice alone has inspired numerous adaptations and retellings — including the Playhouse’s new production by Sara Pascoe (directed by Susannah Tresilian). But have we, the contemporary audience, simply “been distracted by Colin Firth and frilly shirts” — or is something deeper, more political, more radical happening in Austen’s literary world of landed gentry, marriage peril and witty heroines?

To answer some of these questions (and more!), join Dr Amy Rushton in an exploration of Pride and Prejudice and Austen’s legacy in contemporary culture.

Pre-Show Talk by Dr Amy Rushton – Lecturer in English at Nottingham Trent University

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Lost in Austen? Why Jane Austen (still) matters today - Fri 15 Sep 6:30pm Fri 15 Sep Ustinov Room 6:30pm FREE (reserve in advance)

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