How To Confirm A Cop: The experience of the Undercover Research Group

Pre-Show Talk

Saturday 13 February at 6:30pm

Neville Studio - FREE - must have a ticket to Any Means Necessary

45 minutes (Including Q+A)


This pre-show talk is FREE but does require a ticket to any performance of Any Means Necessary to attend.

To reserve your place, please call our Box Office on 0115 941 9419.

Donal O’Driscoll will talk about the work of the Undercover Research Group, including the recent exposing of Carlo Neri, who his group helped to uncover. He will be discussing what activist researchers have discovered in the five years since Mark Kennedy, an undercover policeman who operated in Nottingham, was first outed…

Who was doing the spying?
What does the scale of this case mean?
What were their motivations?
Where do things go from here?

Donal will also talk about the Pitchford Inquiry and what it means for the future of undercover policing.

Undercover Research Group is a grass-roots collective bringing together what is known on undercover policing, with the aim of supporting those affected by this scandal and help others in their, often painful, efforts to confirm or disprove whether a colleague or friend was an undercover.

This production is supported by Left Lion.

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How To Confirm A Cop: The experience of the Undercover Research Group - Sat 13 Feb 6:30pm Sat 13 Feb Neville Studio 6:30pm FREE

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