Pre-Show Talk with Kefi Chadwick and Merrick Badger

Any Means Necessary

Wednesday 17 February at 6:30pm

Neville Studio - FREE


As the Pitchford inquiry begins this year, Any Means Necessary, will bring events inspired by one of the worst perpetrators of undercover policing to the stage.

Join writer Kefi Chadwick in conversation with director Giles Croft, as they discuss the writing process and the real life events that inspired this brand new production, including her meetings with the women deceived by undercover policeman.

“This case shows an incredible abuse of human rights and civil liberties, and is one of the biggest police scandals of all time. To be able to bring the events to life on the stage at Nottingham, where one of the worst offenders lived and spied, is a great privilege.”Kefi Chadwick

Kefi and Giles will also be joined by Merrick Badger – one of the environmental activists who investigated, confronted and exposed their comrade Mark Kennedy. He has also been working with others targeted by Britain’s political secret police, exposing other officers, campaigning for truth and justice, preparing for the public inquiry, and supporting those affected. Merrick will be discussing the history of the undercover policing scandal and what he believes will happen next as the Pitchford inquiry begins.

This production is supported by Left Lion.

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Pre-Show Talk with Kefi Chadwick and Merrick Badger - Wed 17 Feb 6:30pm Wed 17 Feb Neville Studio 6:30pm Sign Interpreted FREE

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