Pre-Show Talk with John Hess, Helen Steel and Bruce Kent

Any Means Necessary

Thursday 11 February at 6pm

Theatre - FREE - must have a ticket to Any Means Necessary

45 minutes (Including Q+A)


This pre-show talk is FREE but does require a ticket to any performance of Any Means Necessary to attend.

To reserve your place, please call our Box Office on 0115 941 9419.

John Hess, former Political Editor for BBC East Midlands, talks to activists Helen Steel and Bruce Kent about their experiences of undercover policing.

Helen Steel is an environmental activist who was involved with the long-running McLibel trial. When Helen’s partner suddenly disappeared, she discovered that he had lied about his name, age and background, and was using the identity of a dead child.

In 2014, Helen launched her own appeal against undercover policing. The secrecy of the case prevented her from finding out whether her former partner was one of four police officers who would not be charged for infiltrating protest groups as part of the Special Demonstration Squad. Kefi Chadwick has worked closely with Helen whilst writing Any Means Necessary.

The Guardian: Helen Steel on her relationship with an undercover policeman: ‘I feel violated’

Bruce Kent is a political activist and former Roman Catholic priest who was Vice- President of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Bruce will be talking about an undercover agent who caused great disruption whilst planted in a CND office.

This production is supported by Left Lion.

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Pre-Show Talk with John Hess, Helen Steel and Bruce Kent - Thu 11 Feb 6:00pm Thu 11 Feb Theatre 6:00pm FREE

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