Pre-Show Talk with James Phillips

Saturday 10 October at 6:30pm

Ustinov Room - FREE


James Phillips never intended to become a playwright, having started his career as an actor and then director. But after becoming fascinated with the story of the Rosenberg’s, and failing to find someone to write the story for him, he took matters into his own hands.

Join the writer of The Rubenstein Kiss for a discussion about the writing process and the real life events that inspired the play.

Pre-show talks are free but tickets must be booked in advance through Box Office or online.

James Phillips on…

The pressure of writing a play inspired by real events:
“I think a writer’s responsibility is not to historical fact but to human truth, the deeper and more difficult thing”.

Why the Rubensteins and not the Rosenbergs?
“…changing the names allowed me to be free. It’s a good test too: if you change the names does the story still matter to people?”

Writing after the research:
“…you do what writers are allowed to do, must do, close your eyes and imagine.”

The full interview is available in our free programme for The Rubenstein Kiss.

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Pre-Show Talk with James Phillips - Sat 10 Oct 6:30pm Sat 10 Oct Ustinov Room 6:30pm FREE

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