Pre-Show Talk: Press When Illuminated

By Adrian Reynolds

Thursday 17 September at 6:30pm

Ustinov Room - FREE


Tickets are Free but must be reserved online or by calling Box Office.

Before the evening performance of 1984 on Thursday 17 September, come along to the first of a series of free pre-show talks during The Conspiracy Season.

Speaker Adrian Reynolds has issues. Mostly with things that begin with m: medicine, mental health, mesmerism and magic. He’s had adventures with all four, and gets them off his chest in a talk that featured at last year’s Find The Others festival in Liverpool, celebrating writer Robert Anton Wilson and theatre maverick Ken Campbell.

Press When Illuminated isn’t directly linked to 1984. But notions of doublethink and control are implicit within its exploration of medicine, revelations about the history of hypnosis, and discussion of how notions of a mainstream and fringe are constructed and maintained within psychiatry and science. There’s a nod to how the media operates too, another topic of interest to Orwell. No Winston Smith then, but plenty else to chew on, including a revelation about William Burroughs from Reynolds’ own experience that doesn’t feature in any biographies of the writer.

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Pre-Show Talk: Press When Illuminated - Thu 17 Sep 6:30pm Thu 17 Sep Ustinov Room 6:30pm FREE

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