Pre-Show Talk: Nuclear Families, Nuclear Fears

The Rosenbergs and the 1950s American Memory by Anthony Hutchinson

Monday 5 October at 6:30pm

Ustinov Room - FREE


The 1950s has long been the object of nostalgia in American culture, a period of tranquillity, abundance and social stability—the calm before the socio-political storm of the 1960s and 1970s. Yet the broader political climate of anti-communism and McCarthyism that also characterise the period disturb this idea. They do so by presenting a counter-image of mid-century US society as beset by ethno-religious tensions and moral-political panic.

Anthony Hutchinson (Lecturer in American Intellectual and Cultural History at the University of Nottingham) will examine the Rosenberg trial in these contexts and seek to explain why the case has continued to exert a powerful influence on the American artistic imagination in subsequent years.

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Pre-Show Talk: Nuclear Families, Nuclear Fears - Mon 5 Oct 6:30pm Mon 5 Oct Ustinov Room 6:30pm FREE

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