Pre-Show Talk: Death Has A Thousand Doors

The Duchess of Malfi and the History of the Jacobean Playhouse by Catharine Arnold

Friday 6 November at 6pm

Nottingham Playhouse - FREE


Popular historian Catharine Arnold looks at the political and cultural influences on The Duchess of Malfi, alongside an account of the Blackfriars Theatre, where Webster’s tragedy was first performed in 1612.

Although ostensibly set in Renaissance Italy, the play reflected the turbulent political scene of Jacobean England, with its conspiracies, riots, and outbreaks of plague. Against this backdrop, Catharine Arnold takes a look at what the original production would have been like at Blackfriars, the original Jacobean Playhouse built in the shadow of the Globe theatre and talks about the construction of the new Sam Wanamaker Jacobean indoor theatre in London.

Catharine Arnold is the author of Globe, Life in Shakespeare’s London.

Please note: This pre-show talk will take place in the Understudy Studio.

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Pre-Show Talk: Death Has A Thousand Doors - Fri 6 Nov 6:00pm Fri 6 Nov Nottingham Playhouse 6:00pm FREE

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