2Magpies Theatre presents

The Litvinenko Project

Saturday 24 – Thursday 29 May

The National Justice Museum - Tickets: £5 - includes tea! Limited places

Running time: Approx 60 mins



This event is part of neat14

This event takes place at various locations:

Sat 24th May, Galleries Of Justice (5.30pm)
Sun 25th May, CAST (5.30pm)
Mon 26 th May, Pavilion Café, Lakeside (6.30pm)
Tues 27th May, CAST (5.30pm)
Weds 28th May, Lee Rosy’s (7pm)
Thurs 29th May, Edin’s Patisserie, Bar & Kitchen (5.30pm)

In this exciting interactive theatre experience 2Magpies Theatre present three facts about Alexander Litvinenko:

He was a man.
He was a man who died.
He was a man who died of radiation poisoning.

2Magpies Theatre don’t know any more facts about the circumstances of his death, because there aren’t any. On the other hand, they do know what Alexander Litvinenko liked to cook, what he liked to drink, and how he liked to dance. The performance explores the controversial story of this high-profile poisoning. 2Magpies Theatre take the audience on a journey through a crime which is still an open case, and they even provide the tea.

Dates & Times

The Litvinenko Project - Sat 24 May 5:30pm Sat 24 May The National Justice Museum 5:30pm £5
The Litvinenko Project - Sun 25 May 5:30pm Sun 25 May CAST 5:30pm £5
The Litvinenko Project - Mon 26 May 6:30pm Mon 26 May Lakeside Arts Centre 6:30pm £5
The Litvinenko Project - Tue 27 May 5:30pm Tue 27 May CAST 5:30pm £5
The Litvinenko Project - Wed 28 May 7:00pm Wed 28 May Lee Rosy's 7:00pm £5
The Litvinenko Project - Thu 29 May 5:30pm Thu 29 May Edin's Pattisserie Bar and Kitchen 5:30pm £5

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