Shebeen: In Conversation

with Mufaro Makubika, Matthew Xia, Martina Laird and Karl Collins

Wednesday 16 May - 7.00pm

Ustinov Room - £5 (members only)


Preview our world premiere production Shebeen in the company of its writer, director and stars at this exclusive event for Playhouse Pass members.

Playwright Mufaro Makubika, director Matthew Xia and actors Martina Laird and Karl Collins will turn back time to a neglected page of Nottingham history. Come with them to late 1950s St Anns, where the air is heavy with rum and calypso – and charged with racial tension.

Mufaro will describe the genesis of Shebeen and the investigations into Nottingham lore that led him to this tale of forbidden gatherings and a community under siege. Meanwhile Matthew will usher you in to the deliriously inviting party scene of 1958, revealing how he is throwing the doors open afresh for 2018 attenders; and Karl and Martina will discuss the pleasures and challenges of bringing brand new characters to the stage.

This one-off event is on sale exclusively to Playhouse Pass members, at £5 per place. Become a Playhouse Pass Member today to access this event and many other benefits, including savings of up to 25% for every Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company mainstage show.

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Shebeen: In Conversation - Wed 16 May 7:00pm Wed 16 May Ustinov Room 7:00pm £5

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