Nottingham Playhouse

Power, Politics and Whistleblowing

Wednesday 18 September 2019, 6.15pm

Ustinov Room - Tickets: £3

45 minutes


This is a pre-show talk with Dr Matt Ashton, which will take place in the Ustinov Room 6.15-7pm.

Every society throughout history has struggled with the balance between what the public wants to know and what it needs to know, and the problem of who gets to decide which is which. Whistleblowers have variously been treated as heroes, villains and martyrs, and often the rightness or wrongness of their actions depends on your perspective.

Today the internet and the anonymity it offers makes it easier than ever to become a whistleblower, but the price of doing so can be high. This talk discusses the themes of An Enemy of the People and puts it in the wider context of whistleblowers through the ages.

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Power, Politics and Whistleblowing - Wed 18 Sep 6:15pm Wed 18 Sep Ustinov Room 6:15pm £3

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