Anonymous is a Woman


Part of The Party Somewhere Else Festival

Friday 17 and Saturday 18 May


Age guide 15+


Part of The Party Somewhere Else Festival

This show will take place in a structure outside of the Playhouse. Please arrive at box office and you will be collected before the performance.

Meet Lou in the bar, they’ve got some thoughts about this date they went on.
Join Jaz in the smoking area for a catch-up and let them explain.
How about seeing it with your own eyes?

Part site specific theatre.
Part choose your own adventure.
Part intimate encounter.

This voyeuristic theatrical experience explores the rituals and minefields of dating in a post #metoo era. This is about more than gender. It’s about sexual dominance, social constructs and power. Who do we have faith in when one party believes it’s sexual misconduct, and the other, simply a bad date?

This show will be a Relaxed Performance.

Please note some of this performance will happen outdoors. Contains strong language and/or adult themes

The Box office will close at 8.30pm on Friday evening. If you would like to book for the 9pm performance you will need to book and collect your ticket prior to this.

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Dates & Times

Greyscale - Fri 17 May 6:00pm Fri 17 May 6:00pm £8
Greyscale - Fri 17 May 6:45pm Fri 17 May 6:45pm £8
Greyscale - Fri 17 May 7:30pm Fri 17 May 7:30pm £8
Greyscale - Fri 17 May 8:15pm Fri 17 May 8:15pm £8
Greyscale - Fri 17 May 9:00pm Fri 17 May 9:00pm £8
Greyscale - Sat 18 May 2:00pm Sat 18 May 2:00pm £8
Greyscale - Sat 18 May 2:45pm Sat 18 May 2:45pm £8
Greyscale - Sat 18 May 3:30pm Sat 18 May 3:30pm £8
Greyscale - Sat 18 May 4:15pm Sat 18 May 4:15pm £8
Greyscale - Sat 18 May 6:00pm Sat 18 May 6:00pm £8
Greyscale - Sat 18 May 6:45pm Sat 18 May 6:45pm £8
Greyscale - Sat 18 May 7:30pm Sat 18 May 7:30pm £8
Greyscale - Sat 18 May 8:15pm Sat 18 May 8:15pm £8
Greyscale - Sat 18 May 9:00pm Sat 18 May 9:00pm £8

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