Belarus Free Theatre

Generation Jeans

Friday 23 May at 7pm and Saturday 24 May at 2.30pm and 6pm

Neville Studio - Tickets: £16 (£14 Concessions)

Suitable for those aged 12+ - Running time: 1h20



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This event takes place at Nottingham Playhouse

Belarus Free Theatre bring back – for three performances only – their critically acclaimed duologue between an actor and a DJ, about jeans, rock music and freedom.

The story begins in the Soviet Union. Denim and rock ‘n’ roll were prohibited. Selling jeans meant certain arrest by the KGB. It then moves to the current days of the last dictatorship in Europe – Belarus.

Bringing to life stories of arrests, kidnappings and living in a country controlled by fear, Generation Jeans is an ode to the people who speak out about repression and censorship in their countries and who fight for freedom everywhere.

“You go to the theatre to hear a story; you end up having met a man who, in his mixture of self-mockery and seriousness, shows a spiritual resilience that makes dictatorship look even more inflexible and absurd.” The Guardian

“The most bright theatrical experience in my life” Alan Rickman

Dates & Times

Generation Jeans - Fri 23 May 7:00pm Fri 23 May Neville Studio 7:00pm £14 - £16
Generation Jeans - Sat 24 May 2:30pm Sat 24 May Neville Studio 2:30pm £14 - £16
Generation Jeans - Sat 24 May 6:00pm Sat 24 May Neville Studio 6:00pm £14 - £16

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