Amplify Festival 2019

Tuesday 8 - Saturday 19 October 2019

Neville Studio - Tickets: £12 - £3


The Line-up

Tuesday 8 October

Five Years

7.30pm, Neville Studio
£12 (£10 concs)
From 1998-2002, Neal Pike attended a special educational needs school in Nottinghamshire. Five Years is about trying to hold on to a sense of who you are during those messy, brutal and mundane years of adolescence. With warmth and humour that cuts to the bone, Neal Pike explores identity, community and the parts of him that were shaped by Foxwood.
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Wednesday 9 October


8pm, Neville Studio
£10 (£8 concs)
Meet three women. An unlikely trio. Different ages, backgrounds and attitudes. Each has a unique relationship with the island. A home. A regular holiday haunt. A first time visit. Through language that fizzes and sparks, we begin to discover that they share one surprising thing in common.
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Thursday 10 October


8pm, Neville Studio
£10 (£8 concs)
Written and performed by BBC Verb New Voice and Glastonbury Slam Champion Andy Craven-Griffiths, Joygernaut is a unique, spoken-word play that explores how individual acts of kindness or cruelty can echo and gain momentum over time and through multiple lives.
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Friday 11 October


8pm, Neville Studio
£10 (£8 concs)
Armed with just himself and a chair, Lewis Doherty (creator of WOLF) presents BOAR. A one man fantasy adventure tale. Prepare for arrows to roll and heads to fly in this action packed hour of swords, sorcery, and swill!
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Saturday 12 October

The Vox Pops

7.45pm, Neville Studio
£9 (£7 concs)
Get ready for a sketch show to be made up in front of your very eyes as The Vox Pops bring their signature blend of hilarious characters and comic scenes back to the Nottingham Playhouse!
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Tuesday 15 October

AMP Night

8pm, Neville Studio
AMP Night showcases brand new ideas by exciting artists from the East Midlands.
Come and witness the birth of a new show or career and be part of a conversation which helps theatre-makers develop their work.
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Wednesday 16 October

Ruby and Cedar

8pm, Neville Studio
£10 (£8 concs)
It’s time for the annual visit home but this year something’s changed for Ruby and Cedar. This time there are bigger issues to face. As they play out their age-old confrontations, love and sisterhood are eclipsed by sibling rivalry and old hurts. Against the beauty and cold silence of space they find down-to-earth warmth, but must begin to come to terms with loss.
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Thursday 17 October

Digging Deep

8pm, Neville Studio
£10 (£8 concs)
Killing yourself? Fundraising your own funeral? Harder than it looks, mate.
Digging Deep explores banter culture, suicide rates in ‘working-class’ communities, euthanasia and the ‘Cost of Dying’ debate. Most prominently, it explores how so few young men feel that they can ask for help… even from those closest to them.
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Friday 18 & Saturday 19 October

It’s True, It’s True, It’s True

8pm, Neville Studio
£10 (£8 concs)
Fringe First and Total Theatre Award-winning Breach (Tank, The Beanfield) restage the 1612 trial of Agostino Tassi for the rape of baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi. Based on surviving court transcripts, It’s True, It’s True, It’s True dramatises the seven-month trial that gripped Renaissance Rome, and asks how much has changed in the last four centuries. Blending myth, history and contemporary commentary, this is the story of how a woman took revenge through her art to become one of the most successful painters of her generation.
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Saturday 19 October

The Magician’s Penguin

11am, Understudy
A marvellous morning of interactive storytelling, magic, dance and penguins. Come and join us as we adventure under the sea, through mighty forests, and over snowy lands, trying to get a little penguin to do some magic!
Free balloon model and magician’s certificate for every child.
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5pm, Neville Studio
£10 (£8 concs)
A hero saves a princess from a monster. Two girls meet on a starry night. Andromeda is a queer reimagining of Euripides’ Andromeda, constellating fragments from Greek myth with a contemporary queer love story. What happens when we get stuck between a rock and a hard place?
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Dates & Times

Amplify Festival 2019 - Tue 8 Oct 7:30pm Tue 8 Oct Neville Studio 7:30pm Sign Interpreted Five Years
Amplify Festival 2019 - Wed 9 Oct 8:00pm Wed 9 Oct Neville Studio 8:00pm trade
Amplify Festival 2019 - Thu 10 Oct 8:00pm Thu 10 Oct Neville Studio 8:00pm Joygernaut
Amplify Festival 2019 - Fri 11 Oct 8:00pm Fri 11 Oct Neville Studio 8:00pm BOAR
Amplify Festival 2019 - Sat 12 Oct 7:45pm Sat 12 Oct Neville Studio 7:45pm The Vox Pops
Amplify Festival 2019 - Tue 15 Oct 8:00pm Tue 15 Oct Neville Studio 8:00pm AMP Night
Amplify Festival 2019 - Wed 16 Oct 8:00pm Wed 16 Oct Neville Studio 8:00pm Ruby and Cedar
Amplify Festival 2019 - Thu 17 Oct 8:00pm Thu 17 Oct Neville Studio 8:00pm Digging Deep
Amplify Festival 2019 - Fri 18 Oct 8:00pm Fri 18 Oct Neville Studio 8:00pm It's True, It's True, It's True
Amplify Festival 2019 - Sat 19 Oct 11:00am Sat 19 Oct Understudy 11:00am The Magician's Penguin
Amplify Festival 2019 - Sat 19 Oct 5:00pm Sat 19 Oct Neville Studio 5:00pm Andromeda

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