Amp Night

Thursday 10 May at 8pm

Neville Studio - Tickets: £3


AMP night showcases brand new ideas by exciting local artists. It’s the opportunity to witness the birth of a new show or career. Audiences can feedback their responseswhich helps artists develop their work.

AMP night is part of Amplify, our new artist development programme which nutures exciting local talent.


Lucy Hayward
Come join Victoria and Jordan for an afternoon. This brand new accessible theatre piece will take you on a multi-sensory journey, through the bizarre lives of a mother and son. The family unit has been disintegrating for years. Can Victoria and Jordan put their frustrations aside, come together and mend this rift?

Pull up a seat and and take part in this messy family drama.


Purple Theatre

Someone old, someone new, someone dies, someone’s blue. On the day of her son’s gay wedding, Vanessa is forced to look in the mirror and consider who she is. A black woman of the church and an American immigrant, has she failed her children? Or is she just human? A comic tragedy by one performer.


Shelley Draper
A Dancersize class in Leeds – the leader, Jules, arrives in a state of distress with some ‘news’. An argument ensues…

One of four monologues entitled THAT Girl’ written by actress Shelley Draper as her response to the Weinstein and other sexual harassment cases, and surrounding voices, opinions and movements created.


Rob Throup

A snecklifter is a person’s last sixpence, allowing them to lift the pub door latch
and to purchase a pint.

This autobiographical performance portrays Rob’s personal love affair with the pubs that have shaped who is he today. Storytelling, song and comedy are present in this participatory theatre performance


Laura Jasper

When festive periods were taken over by the Lord of Misrule, the household was turned upside down and chaos pursued. Four clowns-left-standing decide to go all out to celebrate their final night of freedom.

Dates & Times

Amp Night - Thu 10 May 8:00pm Thu 10 May Neville Studio 8:00pm £3

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