Amp Night - October 2019

Part of the Amplify Festival

Tuesday 15 October 2019, 8pm

Neville Studio - Tickets: £3


Part of the Amplify Festival

AMP Night showcases brand new ideas by exciting artists from the East Midlands.

Come and witness the birth of a new show or career and be part of a conversation which helps theatre-makers develop their work.

AMP night is part of Amplify, our artist development programme which nurtures talent from the region.

Please note that the Amp Night line-up no longer includes Sirens’ Voices by Polis Loizou as stated in our brochure.

Dates & Times

Amp Night - October 2019 - Tue 15 Oct 8:00pm Tue 15 Oct Neville Studio 8:00pm £3 Book Now

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