Rocket Girl

Tuesday 26 May 2020, workshop 11.30am, show 1.30pm

Neville Studio - £5 workshop only, £13 show and workshop, £10 show only

Ages 5+ for the show and 5-11 for the workshop - 50 minutes without an interval


The year is 1969 and the world is changing. Beehives and miniskirts are all the rage; Everyone is listening to The Beatles; Where a bag of fish and chips would cost you 25p. And NASA has just put the first man on the moon. The world is transfixed and everyone is watching, including eight-year-old Maisie Robinson. From the very moment she saw man on the moon, Maisie knew that she was destined to be an astronaut. In her dreams she travelled beyond the earth’s atmosphere and flew amongst the brightest of stars. But unknown to Maisie, people had other plans about her future. After all, girls don’t do science, do they?

Using an amalgamation of storytelling, puppetry and movement with an original score, Ditto Theatre Company invites you to join us in making the impossible possible as one girl battles to become…Rocket Girl!

Dates & Times

Rocket Girl - Tue 26 May 11:30am Tue 26 May Neville Studio 11:30am £5 workshop only, £13 show and workshop Book Now
Rocket Girl - Tue 26 May 1:30pm Tue 26 May Neville Studio 1:30pm £10 show only, £13 show and workshop Book Now

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