Half Moon presents a Tam Tam Theatre Production


Saturday 14 April 2018 at 10.30am, 12pm and 2.15pm

Neville Studio - Tickets: £8

Ages 0-3 years - 25 mins, followed by 15 mins interactive play session


A leaf is born…
It grows and glows in the sunshine and the rain
Then the wind blows and it becomes colder
The leaf changes colour
In the snow, the leaf falls…
But when spring comes, a new leaf grows…

Join us as we tell the life story of a very special leaf in this warm, intimate and playful new piece for under 3s inspired by nature and the seasons. Framed within an evocative soundscape, this is the perfect introduction to theatre for the very young.

At the end of the performance, children are invited onto the stage to play among the leaves and explore a landscape created by the changing seasons.

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Dates & Times

Leaf - Sat 14 Apr 10:30am Sat 14 Apr Neville Studio 10:30am £8
Leaf - Sat 14 Apr 12:00pm Sat 14 Apr Neville Studio 12:00pm £8
Leaf - Sat 14 Apr 2:15pm Sat 14 Apr Neville Studio 2:15pm £8

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