Dick Whittington - Relaxed Performance

Tuesday 12 January 2016 at 1.30pm

Theatre - Tickets: £10


We are proud to present a relaxed performance of Dick Whittington, the story of a poor country lad who sets out into the big wide world to seek his fortune, along with his amazing rat-catching cat. But are the city street’s really paved with gold? And was the path to happily-ever-after ever an easy one? Featuring everything you have come to love about playhouse pantomimes – dazzling costumes, stunning sets, mischievous fun and thrilling musical numbers that will excite the whole party but in a version designed to avoid sensory overload or anxiety.

What is a Relaxed Performance?

We are delighted to present a performance especially for people with learning disabilities and their families and carers so that everyone can enjoy the magic of the Nottingham Playhouse Pantomime, in an environment that is comfortable and supportive. Carefully created for people with on the autistic spectrum, or with a learning disability, sensory or communication disorder relaxed performances are also great for those with dementia. We’ll reduce elements of surprise and bangs, crashes and flashes will be kept to a minimum. The house lights will be partially up throughout and noise and moving around the auditorium is no problem. Finally, ‘chill-out’ areas will be available before, during and after the performance.

Social Stories

Social stories for Hare and Tortoise and Nottingham Playhouse are available to download for children, parents and carers to familiarise themselves before their visit.

Download the Dick Whittington social story

Download the Nottingham Playhouse social story

Ask us about familiarisation visits, wheelchair access and disabled parking by emailing access@nottinghamplayhouse.co.uk or calling box office.

Dates & Times

Dick Whittington - Relaxed Performance - Tue 12 Jan 1:30pm Tue 12 Jan Theatre 1:30pm £10.00

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