Tuesday 1 May 2018 at 7.30pm

Main House - Tickets: £5


An evening celebration for local youth theatres from around Nottinghamshire. A great platform to share their work and meet like-minded people. Nottingham Playhouse invites Nottingham and Nottinghamshire young people to get involved.

LYT (Lakeside Youth Theatre): Yours Sincerely
2018. A group of 16 year olds all receive a letter…. well, nearly all of them. A letter to ensure the destiny of humanity. The future is in their hands. Will they leave their mark?

AGF Performing Arts: The Rimers of Eldritch by Lanford Wilson
An adaptation, the play is about the moral corruption at the core of an American small town that has lost its economic vitality. The old people, the marginally employable, and the few loyal families who have remained have become insular, even viscously so. When a murder is committed, fingers and the blame are pointed in all directions.

Nottingham Playhouse 11-13yrs Youth Theatre: Holes – An Exploration
Through a combination of movement and text 11 – 13 Youth Theatre explore themes of power, trust, fate and the teenage disposition. These young convicts struggle to reconcile with the environment they find themselves in, but is there such a thing as being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Flying High Youth Theatre: Children of Conflict
This devised, documentary style piece of theatre follows the story of Tommy McGuire growing up in Northern Ireland during ‘The Troubles’ in the 1970s. Facts about specific events and some of the horrors of the time are sensitively depicted through physical shaping and stylistic theatre conventions which are interwoven into Tommy’s story.

Nottingham Playhouse 14-16yrs Youth Theatre: The Blue Road – An Exploration
Through a marriage of character and chorus work 14 – 16 Youth Theatre present this gripping and visually stunning piece. When crisis hits what will you make of it and what will it make of you? A group of young people struggle to find their place amongst the chaos of their new reality.

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YOUTH FEST 2018 - Tue 1 May 7:30pm Tue 1 May Main House 7:30pm £5

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