Theatre Pride

Friday 27 July 2018 at 7.30pm

Neville Studio - Tickets: £6


A Queer Macbeth, a ’90s office musical and a dash of drag…Join Theatre Pride for an evening of diverse scratch performances celebrating LGBTQ+ writing from across the country, followed by a Q&A hosted by established theatre writer Rikki Beadle-Blair.

Queer Lady M: 1623 Theatre Company

Shane idolises Lady Macbeth.
He always has done, ever since she slipped into his world through Grandma’s telly when he was small.
Tonight, Shane’s been stood up. Lonely and lost, he turns to Shakespeare’s fierce queen for strength.
But how far can becoming your idol help you find yourself when you’re anxious and alone?

Call Centre Fairytale: Arletty Theatre

Call centres are stressful places: Koko discovers life as a gay Nigerian woman isn’t any easier here, Parlé has been told men don’t wear saris, Maureen feels invisible, Ellie’s good ideas get nicked by their supervisor, and Bea – well Bea is really beginning to regret sleeping with her boss, then coming to work drunk and hitting him in the face with a ring-binder. But there are ways to cope with the stress of zero hours, prejudice and sexism…
Not always appropriate ways. But who cares about appropriate, when your department is known as ‘The Freakshow’?

Nana Arthole

Nottingham’s premier bearded lady Nana Arthole takes on the role of a fully qualified, self-certified Agony Aunt for a live and interactive performance of NANA KNOWS BEST; her online comedy advice column.

About Rikki Beadle-Blair:

Rikki Beadle-Blair MBE is a writer, director, composer, choreographer, designer, producer and performer. Rikki also works extensively in theatre and has written 28 plays in the last decade that have been performed at Theatre Royal Stratford East, the Bush Theatre, the Soho Theatre, the Tristan Bates Theatre and the Contact Theatre in Manchester, including Gutted, Bashment, Shalom Baby and the recent groundbreaking Summer In London written for an all trans cast of performers. He developed and directed many plays by upcoming writers such as #Hashtag Lightie by Lynette Linton, ‘Stripped’ by Hannah Chalmers and ‘Slap’ by Alexis Gregory. He is also known for his work on several feature films and TV series, including the American feature ‘Blackbird’ starring Oscar-winning actress, Mo’nique, ‘Stonewall’ for the Killer Films New York and BBC Films, Metrosexuality for Channel 4,’ Noah’s Arc for MTV LOGO as well as FIT, KickOff and Bashment for his own company Team Angelica. Rikki has won several awards including the Sony Award, the Los Angeles Outfest Screenwriting and Outstanding Achievement awards and he is one of the creative directors of the Visionary Youth Project for young European Film Activists. Rikki is a committed mentor to a great many writers, actors, composers and directors around the world.

Dates & Times

Theatre Pride - Fri 27 Jul 7:30pm Fri 27 Jul Neville Studio 7:30pm £6

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