Chronic Insanity present


Part of Amplify Festival

Saturday 15 February 2020, Every 30 mins 2-4pm

Mirror Pod - Tickets: £10

Age: 14+ - Duration: 30 minutes



“C’mon Thompson, fold the tarp! Your mother never taught you how to fold?”
“It’s stiffer than shirts, ok!”
“Give it here – and scratch the old blood off! Can’t have any cross contamination.”

Thompson and Miller are here to do their job – obtain the package and terminate the courier. They’re good at their job. Well, Thompson thinks he is. Miller disagrees, but the boss wanted the job done sharpish so they’ve headed off to one of the usual spots. But this time something… is not quite right. The courier hasn’t arrived yet. The package has to be obtained before the deadline. Time is running out and Thompson and Miller cannot afford to mess this up.

Using a ground-breaking mixture of live performance and virtual reality, Chronic Insanity will plunge you into a world of uncertainty not far outside the realms of possibility. Although it is a brief visit, it is one you are not likely to forget.

Chronic Insanity is a Nottingham-based theatre company led by Nat Henderson and Joe Strickland, two theatre makers interested in challenging every element of theatre making, from the inception of the idea to after the final performance. They are in the middle of an ambitious project in which they are staging 12 shows in 12 months.

Dates & Times

PVC - Sat 15 Feb 2:00pm Sat 15 Feb Mirror Pod 2:00pm £10
PVC - Sat 15 Feb 2:30pm Sat 15 Feb Mirror Pod 2:30pm £10
PVC - Sat 15 Feb 3:00pm Sat 15 Feb Mirror Pod 3:00pm £10
PVC - Sat 15 Feb 3:30pm Sat 15 Feb Mirror Pod 3:30pm £10
PVC - Sat 15 Feb 4:00pm Sat 15 Feb Mirror Pod 4:00pm £10

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