Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company in a co-production with Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse Theatres present


by Steven Berkoff (after Sophocles)

Wednesday 23 March - Saturday 9 April

Auditorium - Tickets £7.50 - £26.50, Bargain Seats & Previews £10, Groups (10+) £16, Matinees £7.50 - £12


Director: Steven Berkoff

Thebes is cursed. The citizens are in the grasp of devastation, famine and plague. What has angered the gods so, to make them reduce a once-great city to misery and ruin?
The murder of King Laius lies at the heart of the destruction. Oedipus the King will not rest until he has found the killer and lifted the curse. But his arrogance and self-importance blind him to the shocking truth. Banishing any who challenge him, he refuses to accept where the blame truly lies.

“mate with his own mother, and shed with his own hands the blood of his own sire”

As the darkness surrounding Thebes deepens and taboos are shattered, the horror of Oedipus’s actions are revealed to him in an unforgettable climax.

Directed by Steven Berkoff who successfully collaborated with Nottingham Playhouse back in 2008 with his version of On the Waterfront. This subsequently transferred to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the West End, before being invited to be part of the Hong Kong Festival.

A Nottingham Playhouse and Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse co-production.

Dates & Times

Oedipus - Wed 23 Mar 7:45pm Wed 23 Mar Auditorium 7:45pm
Oedipus - Thu 24 Mar 7:45pm Thu 24 Mar Auditorium 7:45pm
Oedipus - Fri 25 Mar 7:45pm Fri 25 Mar Auditorium 7:45pm
Oedipus - Sat 26 Mar 7:45pm Sat 26 Mar Auditorium 7:45pm
Oedipus - Mon 28 Mar 7:45pm Mon 28 Mar Auditorium 7:45pm
Oedipus - Tue 29 Mar 7:45pm Tue 29 Mar Auditorium 7:45pm
Oedipus - Wed 30 Mar 7:45pm Wed 30 Mar Auditorium 7:45pm
Oedipus - Thu 31 Mar 1:30pm Thu 31 Mar Auditorium 1:30pm
Oedipus - Thu 31 Mar 7:45pm Thu 31 Mar Auditorium 7:45pm
Oedipus - Fri 1 Apr 7:45pm Fri 1 Apr Auditorium 7:45pm
Oedipus - Sat 2 Apr 2:30pm Sat 2 Apr Auditorium 2:30pm
Oedipus - Sat 2 Apr 7:45pm Sat 2 Apr Auditorium 7:45pm
Oedipus - Tue 5 Apr 7:45pm Tue 5 Apr Auditorium 7:45pm
Oedipus - Wed 6 Apr 7:45pm Wed 6 Apr Auditorium 7:45pm
Oedipus - Thu 7 Apr 1:30pm Thu 7 Apr Auditorium 1:30pm
Oedipus - Thu 7 Apr 7:45pm Thu 7 Apr Auditorium 7:45pm
Oedipus - Fri 8 Apr 7:45pm Fri 8 Apr Auditorium 7:45pm
Oedipus - Sat 9 Apr 7:45pm Sat 9 Apr Auditorium 7:45pm


The bravest, most exciting and moving Greek tragedy I have seen in years

Sunday Times

There is plenty to admire; not least in Simon Merrells’ Oedipus

The Guardian

Louise Jameson is a wonderful addition to this cast

The Daily Express

A remarkable piece

The Times

Beautiful to look at

Daily Telegraph


Liverpool Echo

It grabs your attention and holds on to it throughout

Liverpool Daily Post

10/10 perfection

BBC Radio Merseyside

A theatrical masterpiece


Ground-breaking and universal

Liverpool Confidential

An absolutely gripping production…prepare to be stunned

Wirral Globe

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The Public Reviews

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