A Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company Production in the Neville studio

Lady Bracknell's Confinement

By Paul Doust

17 - 22 September

Playroom - Neville Studio £10 (£8 Concessions and Under 26s)


Director: Stephanie Sirr

“I am very much afraid that the news I have to give Mr Worthing will not altogether please him. It has been my misfortune to witness, only moments ago, an embrace of some passion involving my daughter, Gwendolen, and the gentleman in question.”

Jack Worthing believes that every impediment to his marriage has been removed. That is until he learns the shocking true story of Lady Bracknell’s confinement.

John Elkington stars as Lady Augusta Bracknell (nee Fairfax) in Paul Doust’s beautifully observed and darkly humorous expose of the terrible consequences of a life-time of deceit.

Autumn season sponsored by

The Nottingham

Dates & Times

Lady Bracknell's Confinement - Mon 17 Sep 7:45pm Mon 17 Sep Playroom 7:45pm £10 (£8)
Lady Bracknell's Confinement - Tue 18 Sep 1:30pm Tue 18 Sep Playroom 1:30pm £10 (£8)
Lady Bracknell's Confinement - Thu 20 Sep 1:30pm Thu 20 Sep Playroom 1:30pm £10 (£8)
Lady Bracknell's Confinement - Fri 21 Sep 1:30pm Fri 21 Sep Playroom 1:30pm £10 (£8)
Lady Bracknell's Confinement - Sat 22 Sep 2:30pm Sat 22 Sep Playroom 2:30pm £10 (£8)

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