Johnny The Biblical Rapper

Part of The Party Somewhere Else

Thursday 22 March at 5.45pm

Ustinov Room - Tickets: £8

Age 14+


Johnny is a man.
Johnny is a white, 20 something, spoken word poet.
Johnny is dealing with his urges and his wants.
Johnny is media saturated.
Johnny is in a certain grief.
Johnny hopes you’ll have a great time tonight, though he will of course act like he doesn’t give a flying f***.

“He owns a masculinity that most men find intimidating, threatening even, he is what you would describe as all man… he’s also a spoken word poet which means he has a sensitive side. I think I mean that.” – Lee, 16, Leeds

part of the party somewhere else

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Dates & Times

Johnny The Biblical Rapper - Thu 22 Mar 5:45pm Thu 22 Mar Ustinov Room 5:45pm £8

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