Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company and BBC Writersroom present

How To Breathe

By Mufaro Makubika

Tuesday 17 February - Saturday 21 February 2015

Neville Studio - Tickets: £9 - £11


‘I want to tell you something. I want to tell you the truth. The truth is supposed to set you free, right? I mean how else would you breathe… I shouldn’t be here. I shouldn’t be here and I’m scared.’

A man’s instinct in a moment of fear is fight or flight. What if neither is an option?

Joseph a Zimbabwean national, is a soldier in the British army. It’s the eve of his deployment to Afghanistan. He has to pack but first he has a letter to write and a choice to make.

Nottingham based Mufaro Makubika has had a number of readings performed at Nottingham Playhouse including Good Teacher which was part of The Lost Plays Revue. He is a member of the prestigious BBC Writersroom 10 scheme which included a year long attachment with the Nottingham Playhouse.


Trevor Mugarisanwa


Writer Mufaro Makubika
Director Esther Richardson
Designer Sara Perks
Sound Designer Adam P McCready for Poetical Machines Ltd.
Lighting Realised by Nick Morris
DSM Sharlene Harvard-Young
Set, Costumes and Props by Nottingham Playhouse

Dates & Times

How To Breathe - Tue 17 Feb 8:00pm Tue 17 Feb Neville Studio 8:00pm £9 - £11
How To Breathe - Wed 18 Feb 8:00pm Wed 18 Feb Neville Studio 8:00pm £9 - £11
How To Breathe - Thu 19 Feb 8:00pm Thu 19 Feb Neville Studio 8:00pm £9 - £11
How To Breathe - Fri 20 Feb 8:00pm Fri 20 Feb Neville Studio 8:00pm £9 - £11
How To Breathe - Sat 21 Feb 8:00pm Sat 21 Feb Neville Studio 8:00pm £9 - £11

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