Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company presents

Any Means Necessary

By Kefi Chadwick

Friday 5 February - Saturday 20 February 2016

Main House - Tickets: £10.50 - £28.50

Age Guidance: 14+ (contains strong language) - Duration: 2 hours and 35 minutes including a 20 minute interval.


Your friends…how long have you known them? Or your partner? Three? Four years? Do you tell them your innermost thoughts, your deepest secrets? Do you know theirs?

Now imagine that everything they have ever told you is a lie.

“Once you’ve opened the door to an impossible truth, everything else becomes unstable. What’s real and what isn’t becomes impossible to tell.”

When Mel meets Dave at a protest, she believes she has met her kindred spirit. Before long, Dave becomes central to her life and her activist friends. But is he too good to be true?

Inspired by real-life events, Any Means Necessary is a gripping new play that focuses on the human story at the heart of a national scandal.

When an undercover police officer who had been living amongst an activist community in Nottingham was exposed in 2011, it lifted the lid on a whole series of covert policing operations dating back decades. Revelations of women co-erced into relationships with these officers has resulted in a public apology from the Met Police and an admission that their behaviour was an abuse of the women’s human rights. A major public inquiry begins in 2016 and is expected to run for 3 years.

On for a strictly limited run at Nottingham Playhouse, Any Means Necessary is a compelling drama exploring love, betrayal, secrets and lies and exposing the emotional brutality of a police policy that used any means necessary to undermine political protest.

A new commission, written by Kefi Chadwick and directed by Nottingham Playhouse Artistic Director Giles Croft.

This production is supported by Left Lion.

Free Talks

Pre-Show Talk with writer Kefi Chadwick and activist Merrick Badger
Wednesday 17 February at 6:30pm

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Cast and Creative Team

Mel Kate Sissons
Dave Samuel Oatley
Gav / Jimmy Nicholas Karimi
Emma / Leanne Louise Mai Newberry
Abby / Cara Jo Dockery
Bev / Carol Beatrice Comins
Karen Lily Lowe-Myers

Writer Kefi Chadwick
Director Giles Croft
Designer Sara Perks
Lighting Designer Chris Davey
Sound Designer Adam P McCready
Video Designer Andrew BullettVideo Content Attribution
Dialect Coach Sally Hague

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Dates & Times

Any Means Necessary - Fri 5 Feb 7:45pm Fri 5 Feb Main House 7:45pm Hot Night £10.50 - £13.00
Any Means Necessary - Sat 6 Feb 7:45pm Sat 6 Feb Main House 7:45pm £10.50 - £13.00
Any Means Necessary - Mon 8 Feb 7:45pm Mon 8 Feb Main House 7:45pm Hot Night £10.50 - £13.00
Any Means Necessary - Tue 9 Feb 7:00pm Tue 9 Feb Main House 7:00pm Press Night £11.50 - £26.50
Any Means Necessary - Wed 10 Feb 7:45pm Wed 10 Feb Main House 7:45pm £12.50 - £28.50
Any Means Necessary - Thu 11 Feb 7:45pm Thu 11 Feb Main House 7:45pm Post Show Talk £11.50 - £26.50
Any Means Necessary - Fri 12 Feb 7:45pm Fri 12 Feb Main House 7:45pm £12.50 - £28.50
Any Means Necessary - Sat 13 Feb 2:30pm Sat 13 Feb Main House 2:30pm Audio Described Performance £11.50 - £16.00
Any Means Necessary - Sat 13 Feb 7:45pm Sat 13 Feb Main House 7:45pm £12.50 - £28.50
Any Means Necessary - Tue 16 Feb 7:45pm Tue 16 Feb Main House 7:45pm £11.50 - £26.50
Any Means Necessary - Wed 17 Feb 7:45pm Wed 17 Feb Main House 7:45pm Audio Described Performance £11.50 - £26.50
Any Means Necessary - Thu 18 Feb 1:30pm Thu 18 Feb Main House 1:30pm £11.50 - £16.00
Any Means Necessary - Thu 18 Feb 7:45pm Thu 18 Feb Main House 7:45pm Captioned Performance £11.50 - £26.50
Any Means Necessary - Fri 19 Feb 7:45pm Fri 19 Feb Main House 7:45pm Sign Interpreted £12.50 - £28.50
Any Means Necessary - Sat 20 Feb 7:45pm Sat 20 Feb Main House 7:45pm £12.50 - £28.50


“A powerful exploration of the corrosiveness of informing… Giles Croft’s production deftly balances the personal and the polictical” ★★★★
Michael Billington, The Guardian

“Bold, insightful and political drama which tells an important story”
The Stage

“The audience was gripped by this play and no wonder… Kefi Chadwick’s text is excellent”
Nottingham Post

“Chadwick’s drama could hardly be more pertinent”
The Times

“One of the theatre’s most important productions of recent years… A major achievement for Nottingham Playhouse”
Exeunt Magazine

“A cracking play about betrayal… there is fine acting throughout” ★★★★
The Big Issue

“Draws you in… leaves you with a sense of disbelief”
The Derbyshire Times

“A visually exciting production with a plot brimming with intrigue and suspense”
Her Campus

“A truly memorable and believable performance”
Hospital Radio


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