Happy As Larry

Shaun Parker and Company

23 - 24 September at 8pm

Auditorium - Tickets £12 - £22


What makes us happy? Innovative Australian choreographer Shaun Parker explores this question in Happy as Larry, a funny, playful and poignant new dance show that investigates the elusive nature of human happiness.

The cast of characters features a range of psychological personality types – Perfectionist, Optimist, Tragic Romantic, Devil’s Advocate, amongst others – providing rich inspiration for Parker’s insightful creativity.

This powerful performance combines an intoxicating mix of ballet, break-dance, rollerskating and highly physical contemporary dance, all set to a vibrant electro/acoustic score from Nick Wales and Bree van Reyk.

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Dates & Times

Happy As Larry - Fri 23 Sep 8:00pm Fri 23 Sep Auditorium 8:00pm £12 - £22
Happy As Larry - Sat 24 Sep 8:00pm Sat 24 Sep Auditorium 8:00pm £12 - £22

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