Elektro Kif

Blanca Li Dance Company

Monday 13 & Tuesday 14 February 8pm

Auditorium - Tickets: £10, £14, £16, £18, Under 26's £8.50, Family Ticket £50 (max 2 Adults)


Choreographer: Blanca Li

Blanca Li takes the urban streetdance style electro, a dazzling mix of breaking, disco, vogue, popping and locking, off the streets of Paris, mixes it up with some theatre, contemporary dance and an amazing soundtrack and gives you Elektro Kif.

It’s funny, fast, colourful and anarchic and features an exhilarating soundtrack by Tao Gutierrez, which mixes techno with electro house, afrobeat, sampling and classical music.

You’ve never seen anything like this before!

For more information about the show including photos and videos click here

Dates & Times

Elektro Kif - Mon 13 Feb 8:00pm Mon 13 Feb Auditorium 8:00pm £10, £14, £16, £18
Elektro Kif - Tue 14 Feb 8:00pm Tue 14 Feb Auditorium 8:00pm £10, £14, £16, £18

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