Shelley Draper

Shelley Draper is Camilla, Cat and Jules

Part of The Party Somewhere Else Festival

Saturday 18 May, 6pm

Ustinov Room - £8

Age guide 14+


Part of The Party Somewhere Else Festival

2017 – The Weinstein scandal breaks, #MeToo explodes and the Time’s Up movement is born. Someone resigns from government for “touching someones knee”. A new wave of feminism begins (fourth or fifth? I’m losing count now). It’s SO effective that the USA elects a pussy grabber for president.

2019 – The dust has settled, dried in the intense heat of 2018, been pissed on and turned into sludge. Three very different women are wading through it…

Three monologues, written and performed by an actor responding in character whilst all the furore was ‘kicking off’. Stupid and poignant. And It’s quite funny.

Captioned by The Difference Engine

Contains strong language and/or adult themes. It contains swearing, adult themes and potentially triggering content.

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Dates & Times

Shelley Draper is Camilla, Cat and Jules - Sat 18 May 6:00pm Sat 18 May Ustinov Room 6:00pm £8

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