Richard Herring - Oh Frig I'm 50

Sunday 29 April 2018 at 7.30pm

Theatre - Tickets: £19


“I only regret the people I didn’t have sex with….. And 60% of the people I did have sex with.”

“Podfather” (the Guardian) and star of Radio 4’s Relativity, Richard Herring gets to the half century (against all odds) and looks at how his life has changed in the last decade, from irresponsible, single kidult, literally fighting his way through a mid-life crisis, to married father who is mid-way to the telegram from the Queen (though given she will be 140 in 2067, she might forget to send it).

Following on from “Oh F**, I’m 40!”* , this is the second (and let’s face it, almost certainly penultimate) instalment in Herring’s once-a-decade examination of ageing.


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Richard Herring - Oh Frig I'm 50 - Sun 29 Apr 7:30pm Sun 29 Apr Theatre 7:30pm £19

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