Miss Imp presents Millions of Voices: The Improvised Star Wars Show

Friday 17 June 2016 at 8pm

Neville Studio - Tickets: £8 (£7 concessions)


MissImp, the East Midlands leading improv group, present Millions of Voices: a completely improvised show telling the story of everyday folk on the doomed planet of Alderaan based on audience suggestions.

Home to Princess Leia, Alderaan is a calm and peaceful planet. Renowned galaxy-wide for their planet’s unspoiled beauty, refined culture, and commitment to peace, the Alderaanians work hard to preserve the natural beauty of their home.

However, little do they know that Grand Moff Tarkin has decided to test the destructive power of the Death Star on their planet.

In this touching and funny show, you’ll meet normal Alderaanian people as they go about their lives, completely unaware that the Empire is about to blow their planet to smithereens.

In support: Rhymes Against Humanity, the Midlands’ only musical improv team. RAH will interview an audience member and use that as inspiration for a 25 minute improvised musical comedy.

All of the scenes, songs and dodgy choreography will be completely made up spontaneously in a show you will have never seen before and will never see again.

An extra £1 charge will be added to your order if you would like your tickets posted to you.

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Miss Imp presents Millions of Voices: The Improvised Star Wars Show - Fri 17 Jun 8:00pm Fri 17 Jun Neville Studio 8:00pm £8 (£7 concessions)

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