On Saturday 20th January, our loyal supporter Cressida Laywood will once again hop on to her bicycle to do a fundraising challenge for our SHINE appeal.

Cressida would like to fundraise for SHINE so these youth theatres can thrive for years to come. She says:

‘I have been coming to Nottingham Playhouse for many years and for me it’s a special place that’s close to my heart. Not many people know, but Nottingham Playhouse is a charity and does a great amount of work with and in communities, especially with children and young people.

SHINE is a very important project as it makes sure that children from all across the city and county can take part in theatre and live a creative life, many of who wouldn’t be able to take part if it wasn’t for SHINE.

Twenty five years ago, I had a brain haemorrhage which resulted in a speech and language disability (aphasia), a blind spot, and paralysis down my right side. I did at first struggle and I was becoming less mobile. But, five years ago a friend gave me an exercise bike. Since 2012, on the anniversary of my haemorrhage, rather than feeling sad, I’ve done an exercise bike ride to raise money for charity. This Christmas I’d like to do this challenge to support and celebrate Nottingham Playhouse’s work with children.’

If you’d like to sponsor Cressida and support SHINE, you can donate on her Local Giving page here

If you would like to find out more SHINE and how you can fundraise to support the project, please contact Sanpreet Janjua on 0115 873 6235 or sanpreetj@nottinghamplayhouse.co.uk.

Thank you.