Hare & Tortoise Reviews

Zoe and Lucy Pritchard-Tye

We think that The Hare and the Tortoise is an amazing show. The Hare and the Tortoise are absolutely brilliant examples of characters: Hare is sporty and cheerful, whereas Tortoise is calm and quiet, showing how opposites really do attract! Hare changes through the play and gets less impatient as he realises that it’s going take longer than he thought to race, but as he’s still waiting there is a song that he repeats (which is very tuneful and catchy). He also learns to be patient while planting his carrots.

Tortoise is a main character in Hare’s life showing him different seasons, how to grow plants, the meaning of time and friendship. The Tortoise is tired most of the time and carries many useful things on her back. She shows interests in the violin, sleeping, seasons changing and being an excellent friend. We loved the interaction that came from both of the actors and think that people young and old will love it too.

The song choices were brilliant and the musical instruments were very well played. We thoroughly enjoyed the play – it is one of our favourite plays from Nottingham Playhouse, well… except for panto! The race was definitely enjoyed. In the race the Hare is so confident he is going to win he has a snack on the previously grown carrots, but falls asleep with his teddy. As Hare is still asleep Tortoise catches up and says a poem while Hare is still sleeping. Tortoise crosses the finish line and wakes up Hare, who was absolutely shocked and must think that he is still sleeping, but he is not and does not seem happy with the fact that he has not won. He states that he is younger and smarter and takes, well tries to take the flag, but doesn’t.

It’s becoming winter and Tortoise yawns. Hare helps put tortoise to bed in a heart warming scene. In conclusion, it was excellently presented, wonderfully acted, amazingly directed, the costumes were brilliant and we think it was, and still is, an amazing production.

Liam O’Donnell

The Hare and the Tortoise was a very good play. It was fun in parts where they got the audience involved. During the play, when they were going on holiday they got members of the audience to join in the fun by marching. It was about a Hare and a Tortoise living together, watching the seasons pass from winter to spring to summer to autumn. Then at that time, Hare did something he always dreamed of: he had a race with Tortoise. It was exciting, but Hare did not win as Tortoise cheated by giving Hare his teddy bear so he would fall asleep. How mean!!!

They also loved each other through night and day, thick and thin, they would always stick together no matter what happened.


I’ve been asked to write this review from a four year olds point of view because The Hare and the Tortoise is a children’s play – despite being older, I absolutely loved it! From a teenager’s perspective it really took me back to those wonderful years when I would find enjoyment from sitting on a cushion and wafting a piece of fabric up and down.

My favourite actor was Adam Horvath who played the energetic Hare. In fact he was dripping with sweat at the end! I have seen Adam in three plays at the Playhouse and one of them I was in, so I can say that Adam is a brilliant actor. I also thought Adam was very good at singing.

I enjoyed Elizabeth Eves’ Tortoise as she was funny and always involving the audience, whether it was just a quick glance or actually asking the audience a question. Elizabeth was also very skilled at playing the violin.

Allie Spencer the director was wonderful again. I have worked with her for many years now and normally she directs plays with big casts and a short rehearsal schedule but this time it was completely different, so well done Allie!

All together it was a comical and energetic play and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although it’s meant to be a children’s play I think it is suitable for all ages. It is definitely as good as the pantomime but I can’t decide whether it’s better or not. I rate it 5 stars. A brilliant show – well done to all involved.

Georgie Daunt

With an excellent cast and crew, Brendan Murray’s Hare and Tortoise is the perfect play for young people. It has moments for children of all ages, plus a few for their parents!

There are only two actors in the cast, which works perfectly. The audience can get to know both characters really well while watching this different take on the story they may already know. Hare is played by Adam Horvath whom I have seen in a few other productions, but never have I seen him play a character quite like this. He portrays Hare’s enthusiasm for life excellently while making the character very fun and relatable for the children watching. This was the first time I have seen Elizabeth Eves (Tortoise) performing and I thought she did a great job. She perfectly showed the patience of Tortoise while also keeping her character fun for the audience.

I love how the story journeys through the seasons and the changes we see in the Hare as this happens; he clearly grows up and learns a lot, hopefully with the children watching it. Designer Sarah Lewis did a wonderful job on making the seasons come to life and showed the time passing using a tree that the actors decorated in coordination with the seasons.

I have been impressed with all of the plays I have seen that have been directed by Allie Spencer and this one didn’t disappoint. She has worked with casts of different sizes aimed at different ages but always ensures that everyone can relate to various moments or characters within her plays. This one was no different – I felt that in a lot of ways I could connect with both characters at different points in the play, despite them being so different.

The play is fun and educational with a beautiful message that everyone should appreciate. I highly recommend it to all families with young children.


I watched The Hare and the Tortoise and I actually enjoyed seeing the children’s play, even though it is for 4 to 8 year olds.

I thought it was a fantastic play to watch and kids will love it. I loved Hare who was always happy and cheerful and wanting to race with Tortoise; however, Tortoise liked to take her time. This play reminds me of when I was little and I had the mind of a child – it made me laugh quite a lot. Tortoise was calm and slow whereas Hare wanted to win the race and was faster and younger. I recommend children to see it as they will enjoy it too.

I loved the setting as it was really nice and colourful. It was interesting the way the seasons changed through the play. First it was winter, then spring, then summer, then finally autumn. I loved the fake snow because it looked real! I felt a bit emotional at the end because it was a lovely ending but it also made me smile. It was a wonderful story and I wouldn’t mind reading the book The Hare and the Tortoise.

It was better than I thought it was going to be – I thought it was going to be good, but it surpassed my expectation! I loved it because we got to sit on cushions; I felt like a kid when we sat on cushions, listening to the teacher reading a story. The actors were good, I thought they had strong parts in the play.

Photography by Robert Day.