Practical Workshops

We can deliver workshops either in your school or at the Playhouse, on specific shows, genres or subjects, all year round. These cost £150 for half a day or £300 per day, for around 30 pupils. The list below details the range of workshops we can offer for secondary schools and colleges.


Delivered by Associate Director Fiona Buffini, this practical workshop brings the work of Stanislavski to life. Working on scenes from The Cherry Orchard, students explore the techniques of given circumstances, units of action, actions, objectives, subtext, the six fundamental questions, truthfulness and the magic “if”.

Physical Theatre

This practical workshop explores how to create theatre that doesn’t rely solely on the text. Students will explore ensemble and movement techniques, and learn how to express thoughts, ideas, and whole stories through predominantly visual means.

Set Texts

We can offer a practical workshop on any play you are studying for GCSE or A Level, to help bring the play to life for your students or as a revision process towards the end of a period of study.


These practical workshops are related to Nottingham Playhouse productions and are designed to take place either before the students see the show, or afterwards. Students explore the themes, genre, time-period and story of the play in an imaginative and illuminating way and produce their own responses.
Half day.

Boal and Theatre of the Oppressed

This practical workshop is delivered by Fiona Buffini, who trained with Boal himself. Learn some of the techniques of the Theatre of the Oppressed, including Forum Theatre, in which the audience actively explore, perform and try to transform the reality they live in. Half day or full day.

Devising Theatre

This practical workshop explores how groups can create their own performances, without relying on a writer. Using collaborative approaches, interesting starting points and improvisation, students will create a short piece of drama. Half day or full day.


This practical workshop will explore techniques intended to free the creativity of the students and help them to become effective and collaborative improvisers.

Performing Shakespeare

Our highly skilled Education Officers use an ensemble approach to explore character and motivation, themes and ideas, language, and the plays in performance. We encourage participants to experience the play on their feet, to read the words actively and to articulate their discoveries confidently. Designed for up to 30 English and Drama students, the workshops run for two hours, take place in school, and are ideal as a revision process or to consolidate learning towards the end of the study period.

This list gives an idea of what we can offer. If you would like to discuss any of these further or if you have something specific in mind, please call 0115 947 4361 or contact