Touring Performances

Town Mouse loves the city’s breakneck speed and all the gifts people leave him. Country Mouse prefers the wide open fields and sweet fresh air of the country side. They’re so different it looks like they will never get along.

But when a cat arrives on the scene will they overcome their differences and win against the odds?

Town Mouse and Country Mouse is a re-imagining of the Aesop’s fable about the triumph of friendship and the joy of adventure. Adapted especially for Nottingham Playhouse, this production has social and emotional learning at its core.

Packed full of action and music there will be plenty of interactive elements for children to take part in the story. Your pupils will get to follow Town Mouse and Country Mouse as they learn that compassion and friendship triumphs over fears.

Learning Objectives for Key Stage 1 & 2

Town Mouse and Country Mouse links further with the National Curriculum, for Key Stage 1 it covers exploration of animal habitats, as well as PSHE topics such as valuing people for their similarities and differences, listening to others, sharing and friendship.

For Key Stage 2 the play is a modern adaptation of a traditional tale, which will help to explore language and stimulate key writing skills such as developing characterisation, empathy and imagination.


Do you want Town Mouse and Country Mouse to visit your school? This new show for children aged 3 and up will be touring schools throughout January, offering children one of their first experiences of theatre. We don’t need to have a stage or lighting, all we need is your school hall and we’ll do the rest.

Our touring productions are a catalyst to develop pupil’s storytelling, literacy and drama skills, firing their imaginations and enthusiasm to become familiar with key stories and traditional tales.

Age range: 4 – 8 year olds
Audience Size: up to 90 per performance
Workshop: Up to 30 (or one class)
Tour Dates: Tuesday 9 January 2018 – Friday 2 February 2018
Running Times: 50 mins approximately for the show and 30 mins for the workshop

£270 + VAT for one performance and one free post-show workshop
£490 + VAT for two performances and two free workshops.

Download printable information about Town Mouse and Country Mouse

Technical Information

We do not require you to have a stage or lighting. All we need is a space allowing 5m x 5m for the performance, and space for your pupils. We require approximately 1hr 15m to set up and 1hr to clear down.


Tour packages

We offer a workshop tailored to the age of the audience for Key Stage 1 and 2, free with each schools performance. We will use drama exercises to explore different animal habitats, valuing others for their similarities and differences as exploring language and text.

In addition to the performance and workshop, our online Education Pack will be an opportunity for teachers to further explore the ideas in the production encouraging creativity, enhancing emotional literacy, communication skills, storytelling, recalling and analysing the material they have seen.

“The children loved acting out stills from the play and talked a lot about the day in general. It really fired their imagination and felt it was a great experience.” Rufford Primary

“The workshops are set at an excellent pace and are a good follow up from the production with a focus on acting elements. They enjoyed acting like the characters and making the well whilst learning about promises and friendship.” John Blow Primary

Book a place on the schools tour

To book or find out more information about the tour please email Laura Rutty at or call 0115 873 6248.

Tickets for performances at Nottingham Playhouse

Wednesday 13 December 2017 – Saturday 6 January 2018
Tickets for schools pupils are £10.50 each. Make your reservation by calling Box Office on 0115 941 9419.