A Small Tale: A Teacher-led Adventure

A Small Tale: A Teacher-Led Adventure is a brand new Punchdrunk Enrichment project designed to be led by the teacher in the classroom. The Project aims to ignite and inspire a passion for writing whilst raising standards in reading, speaking and listening. The Project also aims to develop imaginative teaching practices for literacy; placing the teacher at the centre of the creativity.

The Project is aimed at primary school children in years 1 to 4 only.

See Punchdrunk’s booklet about the project.

The Project
Intrigue begins as the teacher and their class read a mysterious old picture book about two mischievous tiny people with a love of stories, but when they return to the book the following day the pages are all blank, except for two sets of tiny footprints… and the class discover that the tiny characters have escaped from the book.

The class will be tasked with tracing the characters’ movements around the school, discovering sock sleeping bags, stolen pencils and tiny tipis in trees where they have camped out.

The only way to return the characters to the safety of the book’s pages is to write them a story – and time is pressing as they are in danger out in the school.

Structure of project
● 1 day of CPD
● 6 literacy lessons over 6 days (delivered within a period of no more than 2 weeks)
● Follow up twilight INSET & Evaluation session

Resources & support included in the project
● Detailed teacher instruction pack
● A day by day plan for 6 literacy lessons
● Toolkit of handmade props and materials for simple
design installations

To register your interest email participation@nottinghamplayhouse.co.uk.