Sanctuary Seekers

Sanctuary seekers are always welcome

Nottingham Playhouse has made a commitment locally and nationally to represent our community and all those in it. We want to invite as many people as possible into the world of theatre that we love so much and share all of its possibilities.

Chief Executive, Stephanie Sirr says “Nottingham Playhouse is an organisation that welcomes everybody and is interested in everyone’s story. We understand that everybody who comes here has a right to refuge – a safe space to share stories and conversation. We keep that possible through removing whatever barriers we can – be those financial, information or simply confidence-related.”

Pay What You Can performances

Everyone is welcome to attend our Pay What You Can Performances and pay…whatever they can. 1p, 50p, £1, £5; whatever you can afford to give us, that’s what the tickets cost for that performance.

50:50 tickets

Through our 50:50 campaign, tickets are donated to charities and community groups – meaning that people who otherwise would not have the means to come to the theatre are able to.

In the last 2 years, we have donated over 500 tickets to groups of refugees and asylum seekers; including The British Red Cross, Nottingham Refugee Forum, The BACA Project, Refugee Futures, Woman’s Culture Exchange, Mojatu and Language Café. To find out more please email

Suspended Coffees

The Playhouse Bar and Kitchen is part of the Suspended Coffees scheme. This means that when someone purchases a coffee they can choose to donate an extra coffee, which is then held for someone that needs it for whatever reason. Anyone that may be in need can then come to the Playhouse at any time and ask for a suspended coffee, no questions asked.


We offer backstage tours to sanctuary seekers and organisations working with sanctuary seekers. If you are interested in booking a tour please contact

We look forward to welcoming you