Ideas Submissions

There will be two official ideas submission windows a year, one in March and one in September. We know that theatre is made in numerous ways and we’re interested in reading and hearing about exciting and dynamic ideas. We will take the best ideas/material and look at bespoke ways of developing these projects.

What can I submit?

You can submit anything that’s a creative idea for performance. It could be a pitch, a proposal, a treatment or a script.


Opens: Friday 1 March 2019 at 10am
Closes: Sunday 31 March 2019 at 11pm

We will not be accepting submissions outside of this window.

What Happens Next?


  • We invite two established theatre-makers to help us shortlist. These might be writers, producers, directors, actors or dramaturgs.
  • Each application is looked at by one of us and we recommend those with interesting potential to be looked at by the rest of the panel.
  • Once every submission has been read, those recommended are looked at by the panel and discussed.
  • Following this we create a shortlist of Ideas Submissions.
  • We will contact all those who submitted an idea to let them know if they’ve been shortlisted or not.
  • We may ask those shortlisted for more information or the rest of their script if it’s completed.
  • The shortlisted ideas are passed on to the Artistic Director (Adam Penford) to assess.


  • The Artistic Director, Associate Director and Artist Development Coordinator meet to discuss the shortlist and look at ways of taking some of these ideas submissions forward.
  • We contact the shortlist and either offer feedback, a meeting or a specific offer of support.

Due to the anticipated volume of submissions we are only able to offer feedback to those shortlisted.