Torvill and Dean make an appearance in Mass Bolero

Tuesday 8th April 2014

Over one hundred participants in today’s filming of the final segment of Mass Bolero were joined by Torvill and Dean, in a surprise appearance, as they perfected the final move in Nottingham’s Market Square.

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When Fiona Buffini, Associate Director of Nottingham Playhouse, shared the idea for Mass Bolero with Torvill and Dean they were very touched that so many people were prepared to take part in a celebration of their Olympic victory. By chance the filming schedule for Mass Bolero coincided with their Dancing on Ice tour dates in Nottingham and they generously agreed to make time for a short cameo appearance in the film.

Following an hour of tuition those taking part were gathered into a circle and told by the choreographer that they would be joined by the two Olympic gold medallists when everything was set up for filming.

Soon after, Torvill and Dean entered Market Square and greeted fans before playing their own part in the mass participation event which is a celebration of their Olympic win in Sarajevo 30 years ago.

Many spectators took pictures of the event and we are encouraging people to share them on our Facebook page or on twitter using the hashtag #massbolero You can see some of ours here.

The premiere of the full eight minute film for Mass Bolero will be on 23 May at Nottingham Playhouse and will launch neat14.

Mass Bolero has been organised by Nottingham Playhouse in partnership with Foundation for Community Dance, Dance4, Confetti Media Group, Notts TV and Spool.

Photo courtesy of Nottingham Post.