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Monday 11th November 2013

On Tuesday (5 November) we found out that Nottinghamshire County Council is proposing to cut their grant aid support to us by 100%. This represents a cut of £94,500.

This 100% cut proposal has come without warning, at the end of another year when we have met all the criteria set down by Nottinghamshire County Council in the funding agreement to which the Council previously committed for the period until April 2015.

This reduction in core funding will inevitably impact on the volume, scale and reach of our work in 2014/15 and we are currently assessing the exact impact should the proposed cuts be approved.

We are sympathetic to the funding climate in which these cuts are being proposed, and we have never expected to be immune from savings – indeed, we have already absorbed several cuts to our funding in recent years. However, the total removal of Nottinghamshire County Council’s support would be a major blow and puts at risk work that directly benefits County residents, potentially damaging the work we do with education, leisure and tourism partners across Nottinghamshire, as well as our matched funding from other sources.

Nottingham Playhouse prides itself on being a national theatre for the whole region, producing new and emerging work by regional writers, performers, companies and technicians, to international standards, for the benefit of all of Nottinghamshire. Although based in the city of Nottingham, we also produce and support plays that tour in the county and beyond, provide services to almost as many County as City residents, and create new drama that reflects the life and history of all parts of Nottinghamshire. This year we are also proud to have started numerous new participatory groups for different age groups, and attracted an unprecedented level of critical acclaim to the theatre.

From 13 November to 17 January you will be able to have your say on the proposed cuts to Nottingham Playhouse and to other services in the county. Nottinghamshire County Council has said all responses will be considered before final decisions are made by the Council on 27 February 2014.

Since announcing the news to our followers on our Twitter page – @SkyMirror – on Wednesday (6 November) lunchtime we have been overwhelmed by the amount of support we have received. Your support is vital and appreciated. We are currently making our case in every way we can and as new ideas and initiatives are developed we will post details on this website. For now, we have posted a number of links below which you might find useful.

If you would like to comment on this issue, or to be kept informed about any campaign, please use the ‘leave a comment’ box below. Your email address will not be published.

Nottingham Playhouse. 7-11-2013

You may find these links useful: petition created by Ben Spiller

Budget position proposals

Nottinghamshire County Council statement responding specifically to the proposed cut to Nottingham Playhouse

More detail relating to the proposed cut to Nottingham Playhouse (see pages 93-94)

You can tell us your thoughts via Twitter @SkyMirror or on our Facebook page.

You can tell your thoughts to Nottinghamshire County Council on their Facebook page or via Twitter @NottsCC #nottsbudget

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