Friday 3rd January 2014

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Well known faces from film, television and theatre have joined so many local supporters in expressing their support for live theatre – you too can still make a difference.

“All local theatre is important.” – David Morrissey

“The Playhouse facing 100% funding cuts from Nottinghamshire County Council. They need our help.” – Vicky McClure

“Nottingham Playhouse to lose ENTIRE grant. People of Nottingham, protest!” – Rory Bremner

“This theatre gave me my start as an actor. Please sign.” – Stephen Mangan

“Playhouse taught me to think.” – William Ivory

“Withdraw proposal to cut 100% funding to Nottingham Playhouse” – Jan Harvey

“Protest against 100% Nottingham Playhouse cut.” – Samuel West

“Encourage Nottinghamshire County Council: withdraw proposal to cut 100% funding.” – Peter Egan

Residents of Nottinghamshire have until Friday 17 January to let Nottinghamshire County Council know their thoughts on the Council’s proposed budget cuts.

Citing the cut in their funding from Central Government, Nottinghamshire County Council need to save £154m over the next three years. Part of their proposal is to cut their grant aid support to us by 100%, from this April, thus ending the County’s decades-long support for the Playhouse.

Since we learned of the proposed cuts over 7000 people have signed an online petition set up by Ben Spiller. Hundreds of people have been in contact via Twitter, Facebook and email to show their support and to share some of their fondest memories of the Playhouse.

Most importantly and urgently, Nottinghamshire County Council are asking people to share their thoughts on their proposals here. The proposed cut to Nottingham Playhouse is under proposal number 48. If you are a County resident, we would value enormously you taking the time to let your Council know what you think.

Your opinion really can make an enormous difference.

Photo by David Baird. People enjoying a look around our wardrobe department as part of our annual open day in September 2013.