Shebeen Reviews Round-Up

Friday 8th June 2018

“full of tenderness and joy … Matthew Xia’s production is electrified with tension” ★★★★

The Times

“a blazingly original work of socially relevant theatrical art that resonates deeply with its audience” ★★★★ 1/2

East Midlands Theatre

“what an atmosphere… the dialogue crackles”

Exeunt Magazine

“Martina Laird as Pearl and Karl Collins as George give beautifully rounded performances”

The Stage

“one of the most powerful pieces of modern theatre I have seen”

Lights, Camera and a 9 to 5

“it delivers a punch but without melodrama”

Theatre World Internet Magazine

“Grace Smart’s set is particularly evocative”

British Theatre Guide

“the story’s layers touch the hearts of audiences”

Left Lion

What the Audience Thought