Share your memories with us in our Memory Chair

Share your Memories of Nottingham Playhouse

Thursday 9th May 2013

This year we are proud to mark the 50th anniversary of our iconic building. To help us celebrate we have created a Memory Chair in which visitors can take a seat and share with us their favourite memories of visiting Nottingham Playhouse. The chair is situated on our upstairs foyer until 31 May 2013 and has its own special ‘room’ complete with a camera, for visitors to record a short video of their highlights from the Playhouse. There’s also a desk, pens and paper for you to write or draw your memories and experiences of the theatre.

We will be sharing the memories we collect on our website and social media channels over the course of this year. You can also share your memories with us via the comments section below. We will be choosing our favourite one at the end of 2013, who will go on to win a personalised Nottingham Playhouse seat plaque, so don’t forget to leave us your contact details!

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