Q&A with Johnny Ball

Monday 13th January 2020

We asked Johnny Ball all about his upcoming show, Wonders Beyond Numbers

Your show’s about maths… what can audiences expect?

Please expect laughs, songs, and complex maths which created our modern world, made simple enough for “anyone” to understand. A Eureka Streaker moment, an explorer who finished up further away than when he started and Britain’s greatest scientist, who did it reading just two books, explaining why “Absolutely Anyone Can Be A Genius.”

Does the show work for people who aren’t great at maths – will kids still enjoy it?

As with my TV shows, there is never a boring minute and I never confuse or outsmart the audience. It is motivational and positive about our future. But it is meant to absorb and entertain everyone.

How did you get so fascinated by numbers and why did you choose them as a subject matter for your work?

Knowing I had a mathematical aptitude, I made Maths and Science my lifelong hobby, learning far more than any Degree Course would every teach.

People will know you from shows like Think of a Number and Think Again… how is being on stage different to TV? Which do you prefer?

The only difference is, there are no cameras. But the jokes, fun and entertainment fill the entire show as I did on TV, and my age today has made no difference.

Do you like being tour, and how do you feel about performing in Nottingham?

I love performing to live audiences, and showing them that maths and factual material can be entertaining, enlightening and exciting, if you do it right.

You can catch Wonders Beyond Numbers on Saturday 18 January. Tickets available here: