Pupils from Radford Primary School arrive at Nottingham Playhouse

Pupils from Radford Primary School benefit from our new £1 bus saver ticket

Thursday 1st December 2011

New £1 Playhouse Saver Bus Ticket

On Wednesday we welcomed pupils from Radford Primary School to the matinee performance of Cinderella. The class were brought to the Playhouse on a Nottingham City Transport bus to celebrate the special new £1 Playhouse Saver Bus Ticket. The Big Wheel, the organisation promoting more sustainable travel means in the Greater Nottingham area, sent along their mascot, Kanga the kangaroo, to also welcome pupils.

Nottingham City Transport

Nottingham Playhouse is delighted to be working with Nottingham City Transport to offer our customers a return ticket for £1 per person. Anyone travelling on a Nottingham City Transport bus to come and see a show at Nottingham Playhouse can benefit from this offer.

How to get yours

The special £1 Playhouse Saver Bus Tickets are now available to purchase from our box office or online at the same time as theatre tickets and are valid on all Nottingham City Transport buses within the Greater Nottingham City area. Tickets are valid for one inward and one outward journey until the last bus or tram at midnight.


Stephanie Sirr, Chief Executive of Nottingham Playhouse, commented: “We often welcome schools and other group bookings to our performances and so our partnership with Nottingham City Transport means they can save up to £2.40 each on their travel to the theatre and feel good about helping the environment at the same time by lowering their carbon footprint.”

Beat the street parking charges

Anthony Carver-Smith, Marketing Manager for Nottingham City Transport commented: “With the introduction of later on street parking charges, this brand new ticket is the perfect, cost effective solution to make your way to Nottingham Playhouse and back as well as giving the freedom for a drink after the show too.”

Useful information

Helen Hemstock, Marketing and Communications Manager for The Big Wheel commented: “We’re delighted to continue our strong relationship with Nottingham Playhouse and are sure that more people than ever will be travelling around by bus and public transport this year. Our website is packed full of information for those travelling this festive season and the new Nottingham Playhouse Saver Bus Ticket will make it even easier!”

In the photo

Credit: Nathan Rose

Nick Lawford – Fundraising and Development Manager, Nottingham Playhouse

Anthony Carver-Smith – Marketing Manager, Nottingham City Transport

Kanga the Kangaroo – Mascot for The Big Wheel

Children from Radford Primary School; Hamzah Aftab, Nazeer Ahmed, Sidra Ashia, Devonne Duncan, T,Shari Golding, Paige Heawood, Aysha Hussain, Isha Hussain, Nabeeha Hussain, Haleena Khan, Katarzyna Kil, Aimee Morley, James Ocampo, Janiqua Powell-Thomas, Samairah Razaq, Renee Robinson, Kawaljit Singh, Nea Steadman, Ashaki Williamson, Amirah Yousaf, Raheem Yusaf, Kinga Sawras, Siemaiyah Kauser, Sophie Quarton, Nural Abdullah, Angel Farrow and Bintu Danso