Nottingham Playhouse saddened by County cut

Thursday 20th February 2014

Nottinghamshire County Council today, (20th February) reiterated its plans to withdraw 100% of its funding to Nottingham Playhouse (£94,500) as part of £154m worth of cuts they have to make over the next three years. This proposal will now go unchanged to the full Council meeting on 27th February for ratification.

Statement from Stephanie Sirr, Chief Executive, Nottingham Playhouse

“Nottingham Playhouse is very disappointed that despite a strongly supported response from the people of Nottinghamshire, as part of a public consultation set up by Nottinghamshire County Council itself, the county council has made their decision to continue with their proposal to withdraw all our funding and has therefore chosen to ignore our supporters. Nottingham Playhouse and our many supporters across the county do not want this to be the end of our relationship with one of our key local authorities and we welcome an offer from Nottinghamshire County Council to discuss ways in which our two organisations can address this situation as soon as possible.

Looking ahead we believe that culture will continue to play a very important role in raising aspiration, improving educational attainment, community cohesion and training in the county and the region.”

Statement from Giles Croft, Artistic Director, Nottingham Playhouse

“We believe that the people of the county deserve their own producing theatre which can tell their own stories – just as we have done so well over many years with locally inspired and written pieces such as The Ashes, Sprit of the Man, Diary of a Football Nobody and our planned piece about the Sherwood Foresters. It is clear from the level of support we have received that the residents of the county recognise this and it is a shame that Nottinghamshire County Council have chosen to ignore their wishes entirely.”

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